Teaching and Training in Child Care on IMH

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Teaching and Training in Child Care on Infant Mental Health: To Serve as the Basis of Endorsement for Infant Family Associate Candidates by Betty Ann Ablon, MS, IMH-E (IV)

-To help caregivers improve the difficult, demanding work they do in child care
-To provide training for caregivers who need a minimum of 30 hours of training in infant mental health in order to be eligible to earn endorsement as an Infant Family Associates
-To fill a gap, as training specifically focused on infant mental health is not widely available in child care

-A reference for training in infant mental health (emphasis: brain development, attachment, separation, temperament, and sensory integration)
-A supplement to training material a trainer already uses
-An invaluable tool for an experienced trainer who has trained on other aspects of infant/ toddler development but for whom infant mental health is a new way of understanding infants and toddlers
-A way of connecting to current practices in child care (with the hope of changing those practices) to what brain development and attachment research teaches us

Cost (includes hand-out CD): $50 (+$13.45 Shipping & Handling)

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